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Apr 04, 2021 · Obsidian’s out of the box search is also powerful, and if you want more, you can experiment with plugins like dataview to query the data in the YAML front matter of your markdown files. The untaped potential of Obsidian is more limited than Roam’s.. Follow the steps below to set your own goals and track them in obsidian. A second brain, for you, forever. Join our community! https://t.co/F9cLHhN4GR. The Dataview plugin moves your Obsidian app from a mere note-taking app to a dynamic system. Obsidian 's power is you can tailor your PKM to fit 100% of your needs. I've been able to move all my Action System from a fantastic app like Notion to. Dataview is a very powerful tool. This plugin allows you to easily view all your tags throughout all your notes. This is really handy if you mispell a tag or happen to accidentally use two close, but different, tags and instead want to merge them. This makes your Obsidian graph that much more useful! Editor Syntax Highlight.
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